Mobile Modular System For Radioactive Wastes Processing And Solidification

METOIL: Mobile and Modular Liquid-to-Solid Conversion Technology for Radioactive Waste
Metoil Technology is a mobile modular liquid radioactive waste processing system that includes treatment and solidification. Our innovative technology offers a range of key features and advantages, including:

Key Features:

  • Reduction of radiation exposure to personnel during processing liquid radioactive waste according to ALARA principles
  • Automation of the technological process for maximum efficiency
  • Adaptive automation process that adjusts depending on the type of liquid waste
    • Minimum of technological equipment – important for further decommissioning
    • Minimum of personnel
    • Self decontamination system
    • High productivity and mobility
    • Possibility to implement into current waste routes
    • Easy adaptation for local markets – ability to regulate activity load to local containers
    • IX sorbents allow to use 100% sorption capacity, while generating less volume of secondary waste
    • Well-known cement or geopolymeric matrix for immobilization
    • Lowest cost of treatment and disposal per 1m3 of initial wast

    At Metoil, we are committed to providing a flexible and adaptable solution for liquid-to-solid conversion of radioactive waste. Our mobile and modular system is designed to provide continuous conditioning of radioactive liquids while minimizing radiation exposure to personnel and reducing the volume of secondary waste. With our technology, you can easily and safely convert liquid radioactive waste into solid form for easier transportation and storage.
    Mobile Modular System For Radioactive Wastes Processing And Solidification

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