Mobile modular system for radioactive waste processing
METOIL offers the technology for continuous conditioning (liquid-to-solid conversion) of radioactive liquids.
Metoil technology is modular technology of liquid radioactive waste processing, which includes its treatment and solidification.

Key features

  • reducing the radiation exposure to personnel during processing liquid radioactive waste according to ALARA principles;
  • automation of the technological process;
  • adaptive automation process depending of liquid waste type
  • Minimum of technological equipment – important for further decommissioning
  • Minimum of personnel
  • Self decontamination system
  • High productivity and mobility
  • Possibility to implement into current waste routes
  • Easy adaptation for local markets – ability to regulate activity load to local containers
  • IX sorbents allow to use 100% sorption capacity, while generating less volume of secondary waste
  • Well-known cement or geopolymer matrix for immobilizatio
  • Lowest cost of treatment and disposal per 1m3 of initial waste
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