Technology for the removal of tritium from liquid radioactive solutions
METOIL has developed advanced technology for the removal of tritium from liquid radioactive solutions. As part of the R&D, a new technology has been developed for the utilization of heavy hydrogen isotopes with the release of thermal energy..
The technology for removing tritium is based on the principles of exothermic separation of tritium under the influence of distillation processes, plasma electrolysis and the subsequent technology of catalytic plasma utilization of radioactive hydrogen isotopes to obtain molecular hydrogen.
    • The plasma reactor used in the process with a catalytic porous nickel-plated surface makes it possible to efficiently utilize tritium to the state of atomic hydrogen.
    • The patented technology of an installation for generating excess thermal energy can significantly reduce energy costs for evaporating water from a solution containing tritium, which makes it possible to cope with previously unresolved problems of successfully scaling up and increasing the productivity of LRW processing.
    • The hydrogen obtained as a result of the operation of the system can be utilized by combustion, or accumulated for the needs of alternative energy.
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